Settlers Picnic

In summer 2018, Siomi and I took a trip through the Northwest and visited Deer Park with the intention of attending that year’s picnic. Unfortunately, two days before we had a family mishap and we found ourselves in the need to return to La Florida. Then came the “plandemic” and we were not able to travel, but in what Bill Gates decided to finish it, after having earned billions with the so-called vaccines, the first thing we did was schedule the trip to Deer Park to attend the parade and the picnic.‎
En el vereano de 2018, Siomi y yo hicimos un viaje por el Northwest y visitamos Deer Park con la intenciòn de asistir al picnic de aquel año.  Lamentablemente, dos dìas antes tuvimos un perecance familiar y nos vimos en la necesidad de regresar a La Florida.  Luego vino la “plandemia” y no nos fue posible viajar, pero en lo que Bill Gates decidiò terminarla, luego de haber ganado billones con las llamadas-vacunas, lo primero que hicimos fue programar el viaje a Deer Park para asistir al desfile y al picnic.
‎To make sure I would meet former classmates from Deer Park High School 54 years later, I announced my presence at the picnic on the school’s alumni portal. Many answered me, although not all would be able to attend, since most of them no longer live in the small, beloved and longed for village.‎
Para asegurarme de que me encontrarìa con antiguos compañeros del Deer Park High School 54 años màs tarde, anunciè mi presencia en el picnic en el portal de los antiguos alumnos de la escuela.  Muchos me respondieron, aunque no todos podrìan asistir, puesto que la mayorìa ya no vive en el pequeño, querido y añorado pueblo.
‎Mark Losh joined us for the picnic and parade. It was very hot and a lot of people, but we were able to meet with a few former schoolmates.‎
Mark Losh nos acompañò al picnic y al desfile.  Hacìa muchìsimo calor y muchìsima gente, pero pudimos reunirnos con unos cuantos excompañeros de escuela.

54 years later…!


Friends I didn’t see




The photos above belong to former Deer Park High School classmates I couldn’t see at the picnic. 

Las fotos de arriba pertenecen a excompañeros del Deer Park High School que no pude ver en el picnic.

The Picnic

‎The tradition of the annual picnic began in July 1921 and was the brainchild of Grandpa Losh. ‎‎The first picnic of the settlers of Wild Rose Prairie was held in lloyd and Eva’s yard, in what the neighbors of the region called “Losh’s Park”. Every July, Lloyd and Eva Losh held the picnic until it became so popular that they had to celebrate it in what was then called “Tourist Park”: then “Mix Park”. In 1923 it began to be celebrated in the village park and in 2021, when the tradition fulfilled its hundred, the Losh family was honored with a plaque in memory of the gesture that Lloyd and Eva had when they were starting their married life.‎
La tradiciòn del picnic anual comenzò en julio de 1921 y fue idea del Abuelo Losh.  El primer picnic de los colonos de Wild Rose Prairie se celebró en el patio de Lloyd y Eva, en lo que los vecinos de la comarca llamaban “Losh’s Park”.  Todos los meses de julio, Lloyd y Eva Losh celebraban el picnic hasta que se hizo tan popular que lo tuvieron que celebrarlo en lo que entonces se llamaba “Tourist Park”: luego “Mix Park”.  En 1923 se comenzó a celebrar en el parque del pueblo y en el año 2021, cuando la tradición cumplió su centenar, la familia Losh fue honrada con una placa en memoria del gesto que Lloyd y Eva tuvieron cuando estaban comenzando su vida matrimonial.
Jul 23, 2022


1st Street Restaurante de Deer Park

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Cat Tales.
Chattaroy, Washington.
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…..From Ft. Lauderdale to Dallas

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Settlers Parade
Settlers Picnic

…..Deer Park High School Classmates

Siomi’s flower – La flor de Siomi





Touring Deer Park & Wild Rose

…..Burdega’s old home

…..Deer Park “new” Highschool

…..Deer Park Middle Sschool

…..Grandpa Hell’s old hardware store

…..Grandpa Hell’s old home

…..Grandpa & Grandma Losh’s old home

…..Grandpa Losh’s parents


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…..Our Protestant Church

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Trump Vs. Biden

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…..Our first female tattoo

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