¿Quién es su papá?

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The man interviewing your mom’s aunt is a famous Venezuelan journalist with over 23K subscribers

It was very-very interesting since your mom and her aunt have hated each other profoundly for  30 years or more.  You should ask your mom why that hate and why her grandmother hated your mother – for life! – for the same amount of time: over 30 years!  After all I have done for her, for you all (including your father), I am the “bad guy”. Well you will find it all out in a book that I just publish in Blurb.  Don’t worry, I only ordered a single copy, enough for you to know all about who are the bad guys of the movie.  The title of this book, as you can see, is “How To Destroy a Family”.


Until I let you read that book, I have posted ALL the videos that I have taken from the time you were a year old and from the time your sister was born, just so you two don’t forget what kind of grandparents you two had.  I have seen this picture before.  This is going to take for ever.  Maybe we will never see you two again in our remaining life, however, the memories will survive us through the years.  Ask you mom what was so terrible from our part, for her to help destroy the family.

Ask you mom what kind of father she have had…


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