Claws of Communism


When I first started to write this booklet (in 2012), the vast majority of Americans would not believe that we could lose the United States to the claws of Communism. We were all suffering from the “Titanic Syndrome”, believing that our ship would not sink. Now may Americans know we are sinking.

How did we get to this point? It is not too hard to understand. We have abandoned our principles; we’ve been too busy taking care of ourselves, trying to keep our homes and jobs, getting ahead in the rat race. We’ve aimed at California and the target was in Virginia. We had no idea which enemy we were fighting and above all: we had no clue about the dirty tricks they were playing on us and how to fight back.

Not everybody, though, was so far off. On October 25th 1966, Ezra Taft Benson, member of President Eisenhower’s cabinet as his Secretary of Agriculture in 1956, gave a lecture to the BYU’s students in where he declared what Khrushchev told him, face-to-face when he visited the United States: “Your grandchildren will live under Communism. You Americans won’t accept Communism outright, but we will keep feeding you small doses of Socialism, until you finally wake up finding that you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy, until you fall into our hands.”

What Khrushchev told Mr. Benson, was clear proof of a long-time strategy launched by the Soviets to create the needed objective conditions to take over the United States of America. Khrushchev understood those conditions were not going to be achieved overnight, since he was prognosticating that CHANGE was to take place during Mr. Benson’s grandchildren’s life time, that time is right now!

Mr. Benson was so shocked by Khrushchev’s threats, and by what he, himself, was seeing from the cabinet member’s sight, that he spoke these words to the American people: “I speak to you as a fellow citizen of the United States of America, deeply concerned about the welfare of our beloved country. I am not here to tickle your ears… to entertain you. I will talk to you frankly and honestly. The message I bring is not a happy one, but it is the truth, and time is always on the side of truth. Truth must be repeated again and again, because error is constantly being preached roundabout. I realize that the bearer of bad news is always unpopular. As a people, we always like sweetness and light, especially sweetness. I am sorry to say that all is not well in socalled prosperous, wealthy and powerful America. We have moved a long way, and are now moving further and more rapidly down the total destroying road of Socialism. The evidence is clear, shockingly clear for all to see. But our national prestige at or near an embarrassing all time low, we continue to weaken our domestic economy, by unsound fiscal, economic and foreign aid policy which corrupt our national currency. With crass and unconstitutional usurpation of power by the executive branch of the federal government, anti-spiritual decisions of the Supreme Court, all apparently approved by a weakly submissive rubber stamp Congress, the days ahead are ominously frightening. It is imperative that American citizens become alerted and informed regarding the threats to our welfare, happiness and freedom. No American is worthy of citizenship in this great land who refuses to take an active interest in these important matters. Stand up for 8 freedom no matter what the cost; it can help to save your soul, and maybe your country. May God give us the wisdom to recognize the dangers, the dangers of complexity, the threats to our freedom and the strength to meet this danger complacency courageously.

What Mr. Benson was describing were the creation of the objective conditions that were beginning to take place over 40 years ago, right after WWII. Evidently, few paid much notice. Just look around and see how weak the American economy is today… and how corrupted the United States’ currency has become. Check out how many anti-spiritual decisions have been made by the Supreme Court and ask yourselves if the United States Congress is not a rubber stamp institution, especially with more than 100 of its members openly auto-defined themselves as progressive, which is the same as saying socialist… or communist!

It is true what Mr. Benson declared many years ago: “No American is worth citizenship in this great land that refuses to take an active interest in these important matters”. It is no less important the suggestion he made on how “imperative it is that American citizens become alerted and informed regarding the threats to our welfare happiness and freedom.” But perhaps the most important words he spoke were: “Truth must be repeated again and again.

The objective conditions that Mr. Benson was warning the Americans about so vehemently are the very conditions that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II so conveniently found existing in America when he became the 44th president of the United States. Mr. Benson, however, didn’t expose the whole picture. Today’s conditions are even worse: much, much worse!

Baseball or Cricket?

The great majority of the American people have no idea of how to play cricket. If we were to organize a “dream team” with the best big leaguer baseball players, it would not stand one chance at beating a cricket little league team from South Africa. Why? Because our players don’t know how to play cricket; in fact, probably none of them even know the rules. They wouldn’t know where to start!

Cricket is a sport, just like baseball is a sport. There is a pitcher, a catcher and someone standing with a bat to hit the ball that is thrown by the pitcher… and that’s as far as it goes for similarities with our American baseball.

To play cricket you would need a bat, gloves and a ball, just like in baseball, but you use them in very different and far more complex ways. No matter how great you play baseball, if you don’t know how to play cricket: you will not stand one chance of winning: not one chance!

When fighting XXI Century’s Socialism, we will have to know what we are doing; otherwise we will NOT stand a chance! We are late learning about it and we must catch up quickly.

What do we know about this brand-new XXI Century Socialism? All we have to do is look at Latin America and some countries in Africa and even some countries in Europe. Do we know its “rules”? Does it have any rules at all? Does it go by our traditional political “rules”? How can we win the game? Are we brave and smart enough to learn from these examples?

It is a brand-new ball game. From far away it may looks like baseball, but it isn’t. We are prepared to fight traditional wars, with guns and bombs. There will be no shooting here, so our traditional war arsenal and good training and fighting techniques will be of no use fighting this new monster that has mutated from traditional Communism.

What we have been doing so far is shooting to the air to see if we catch some ducks flying… but there are no ducks flying around. We have been doing a lot of shooting, but the only targets we have been hitting are the clouds.

What do we all know about a resistance movement? Do we know how the enemy could come up – easily – with a brand new constitution written without you knowing whatever happened? Have we ever heard about a concept called “Original Power”?

Do we know what “co-suckers” are and how the enemy uses them? Do we know the meaning of “tasks”: regarding “resistance groups”? Have we ever heard anything about “defensive mails” “defensive reactions” or “pro-active offense”? Have we ever heard of a man named Gene Sharp, recently deceased? What about Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky?

Do we know the meaning of “shared leadership” and its importance?

Have we all read “From Dictator to Democracy”? What do we know about the “Constitutional Dictatorship” and the great differences between it and the “Traditional Dictatorship”?

What about the concept of “ruling by decree”? Do we know the importance of ignoring and daring the enemy? Have we ever heard the term “Enabling Legislation”? Have we any idea of the best, easiest and legal way to kill our constitution in order to re-found our nation?

Does the name “Smartmatic” means anything to us? Do we have any idea about how we should vote so that our votes count? What about electronic voting machines and the many ways they can be hacked?  Well, after the Novermber 3rd elections, many of you have heard of that company name Smartmatic, and another name Dominion. Good for you!

But: do we know how to start a “resistance group”? Maybe 99% of the American people have never heard about 99% of what I am writing about here. If we fail to answer correctly most of those questions, we have a pretty good chance – I would say 99% chance – of losing the United States to the claws of Communism, forever! The big question would be: are we willing to find the answers to those questions and could we find the courage to do the right thing and fight back?

The Traditional Dictatorship

One of our biggest mistakes is not knowing that we could be fighting in America, in a very near future: a dictatorship! The main reason for our mistakes is that we have in our minds the image of the old traditional dictatorship. If we look around, we can’t find that type of dictatorship anywhere around the today-world. So we keep on playing baseball, the game that all those traditional dictators used to play.

Leaving out the Islamic dictatorship, we had or had two types of traditional dictatorships: the right wing (including the fascists) and the communist dictatorships, or the so-called communist dictatorship. These old-type or traditional dictators usually took power after a coup d’état. Some of them, like Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) in Peru or Gerardo Machado (1925-1933) in Cuba, even Hugo Chávez (1999-2012) in Venezuela, just to mention three of them, were first elected by votes in fairly clean elections and then turned dictators. The rest of them rose to power after a war, a revolution or a traditional coup d’état. Recently, they were either backed by the (extinct?) Soviet Union or by the United States of America, generally speaking. They kept power by means of violence: killing, subjugating and/or persecuting their own people.

That we know of, only four declared-dictators were thrown out of power by or after an electoral process: Alberto Fujimori in Peru, Slobodan Milošević in Serbia, Ferdinand Marcos in Philippines and Augusto Pinochet in Chile.

Fujimori, Milošević and Marcos were kicked out of power after rigged elections, with people in the streets, uprising in non-violent manners: hundreds of thousands of people out in the streets of their countries, “from coast-to-coast”, so to speak.

Pinochet accepted his defeat after the Chilean opposition, together, fought for the right conditions before going into a plebiscite process. The rest of the traditional dictators needed violence and a lot of killing in order to step down from power.

Old traditional dictators were baseball players and we knew how to get rid of them; with the help of the people or with the help of the so-called “international community”.

Should a dictatorship establish in the US, we would have to come to the conclusion that we are not facing a traditional dictatorship, but a terrible “normal” government, and that is where we would be making our big mistake.

A terrible “normal” government, like Jimmy Carter’s – for example – was deposed by elections: simple! But what if we have to face a new type of dictatorship, right here in America?

The Constitutional Dictatorship

Right after the “fall” of the Soviet Union in 1991, a new type of dictatorship was created by communists all around Latin America and Africa. Until his retirement, we could count José Eduardo dos Santos in Angola (who turned “constitutional” later on); then Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua (who turned “constitutional” in 2007), Hugo Chávez in Venezuela (from 1999 until his death in 2012) and Evo Morales in Bolivia (2006, until he stepted down from the presidency, pushed by a non-violent military force).  After Chávez death, the new “constitutional dictaror” was Nicolás Maduro, who is still in power. There could be a new dictator ready to “sign the contract”: ¡Joe Biden!

One of the few constitutional dictators who were deposed from power was Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, in 2009, after trying to change the constitution in order to keep on ruling forever. The Honduran people knew that after changing their constitution, Zelaya would never-ever leave power.

Evo Morales was kicked out of power by a military force in Bolivia, but through an election, his political partner, Luis Arce, won in October 2020.  Would Evo Morales return to power after him?

These constitutional dictators wait for the right moment to join the electoral struggle. The “right conditions” include four traditioinal type of general or national crisis: 1) economic, 2) political, 3) social; and 4) racial issues.  A new ingrident have been added in the US (and the world) lately: the “health condicitión”, with Covid 19, also called the “Chinese Virus”.

After winning the elections appealing to the poorest people and those who are claiming for a “change”, they will start to prepare the conditions to stay in power for ever. Their schedules include:

  1. Increasing the original conditions found when they won their first elections.
  2. Create chaos and ungovernability.
  3. Re-found their republics through a new constitution.

A populist message will keep their popularity fairly on top and, with the help of corruption and depuration; they will move their “chips” on the right direction, controlling the Judicial and the Legislative branche: and the armed forces!

Big corporations, including banks, will start or increase to fall down and they will “help” them by bailing them out, taking control of them, even for a specific amount of time.

At the end – and pretty soon – these new constitutional dictators will control everything: the currency, the economy, the political institutions, banks, big corporations, small businesses, health institutions, educational system, Congress, Supreme Court, electoral system, family, religion, people in general… you name it!

It may sound far out today for the American people, but soon this believe would change dramatically.

They will create a situation in which everything and everybody will depend – in higher or lower levels – on them. If someone wants to “win” an election, even as candidate from a different party, they will have to dance to their music. If judges want to keep their jobs, they will have to rule their ways or according to their interests… even if sometimes they seem to go against the regime. Congregational representatives will have to legislate in their favor, most of the time. They will all turn “co-suckers”, sucking together from the same breast, even from a different party.

The general citizens will depend more and more on the regime, directly or indirectly. Laws will be passed to keep people behind the “yellow line”. Just as an example, we can all review Bill S1867 – “The National Defense Authorization Act” or “National Detention Detainment Act”, which was finnaly called “Public Law 112-81.

It will not be a dramatic change at all, not – at least – from the “revolutionary”, old traditional-dictatorship’s point of view. It will be like placing a frog inside a pan with boiling water: the frog will jump immediately; however, if the frog is placed in a pan with warm water, it will stay calm, but it will soon die when the water reaches boiling point.

These new dictators, with the needed help of “co-suckers”, will make you believe that the way to get rid of them is through an electoral process. Both, the regime and the “opposition” will promote elections, but these will be shamelessly rigged. Rigging elections, by the way, seems to be the American politicians’ sport, at least, since the beginning of the Nineteenth Century.

Regarding this phenomenon, we Americans have made a great mistake: failing to realize that we would be soon facing a new kind of dictatorship and that we soon be playing cricket: not baseball. The Constitutional Dictatorship is not possible without the co-suckers’ help.

When the time comes, intimidation will be a great tool from there on. We have beginning to watch “repudiation acts” in our country, the same intimidation strategy applied in Cuba by Castro’s mobs.  “Black Life Matters” and ANTIFA are two movements that started that strategy, and we have seen how the Federal Government has not been able to respond.

Another way of intimidation will be found through the regime’s meddling in how we should educate our children.

A New Constitution

The last stage for these dictators before “turning” communist-like right up front is to write a brand new constitution. They would start preparing the proper atmosphere right away.  President Obama talked about the need of a new constitution for the United States, but the time was not right.

They all would share the same excuses: the current constitution is too old; constitutions are living documents, they are full of flaws and contaminated with a colonialist spirit, they are not right for these “new times”, etc.  With a new constitution is where the “revolution” begins.

Since the crises would become intolerable and there would be no margins for the regime to govern, a new constitution is “needed”. Sooner or later, when these new dictators have everything under control, they will propose a new “law of the land”, sometimes also called “social contract”. After that, we can be sure that we have lost our country for good. They even like to change the names of their nations and the national symbols too. As a matter of fact, in the “Emerging Constitution”, by Rexford Guy Tugwell, published in 1974, the new name for our country would be “The Newstates of America”.

Rexford Guy Tugwell (July 10, 1891 – July 21, 1979) was an agricultural economist who became part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first “Brain Trust”, a group of Columbia academics who helped develop policy recommendations leading up to Roosevelt’s 1932 election as President. Tugwell subsequently served in FDR’s administration for four years and was one of the chief intellectual contributors to his New Deal. Later in his life, he also served as the director of the “New York City Planning Commission”, and was the last appointed governor of Puerto Rico.

After the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Tugwell saw global planning as the only sure way to prevent a nuclear apocalypse. He participated in the “Committee to Frame a World Constitution” from 1945 to 1948. He also viewed a revised national constitution as necessary to enable economic planning, and late in life composed a constitution for The Newstates of America. In it, planning would become a new branch of Federal Government, alongside the Regulatory and Electoral branches.

In his book, published by Harper & Row, Tugwell illustrates – with chilling clarity – the final objective of regional governance conspirators. The goal is a corporate state concentrating economic, political and social powers in the hands of ruling elite.  A “Constitution for the Newstates of America”, is the fortieth version of this revolutionary document prepared by a team of social experimenters at the “Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions”, funded by the Ford Foundation.

Read more about it in the following page:

Technically speaking, our constitution is based on the consent of the governed. If the governed – we the people – decide to replace our Constitution, that is certainly possible, complicated: but possible! Politically speaking, that is another story.

When Hugo Chavez decided that he wanted to write a new constitution for (himself) Venezuela, which he was successful in doing, he began the process like this: he started to talk about giving Venezuela a new “Law of the Land”; people laughed at him then. Once he became president, he came up with that new “concept” called “The Original Power”. We in the United States have never heard of this term. If we look it up in GoogleEnglish, we will not find one page. The same thing will occur if we try to look it up in Wikipedia; however, if we look it up in Spanish (“Poder Originario”) we will find hundreds of pages full of information.

The moment that Chavez started to explain “The Original Power” to Venezuelans, the country became acutely aware of the danger they were facing having Hugo as president. Constitutional lawyers frantically started to “study” the concept and they couldn’t come up with an explanation which would refute Chavez’s hidden agenda and this new “political weapon”.

Power resides in the people”, Chavez said over and over. This, of course is “technically” true there, in Venezuela, and here in the United States of America. We, the people have agreed to a constitution that is and should remain the premier contract between us and our leaders. This contract gives our leaders permission to hold limited powers granted to them by “we the people”; this is the concept behind the American Constitution.

The first and only constitutional convention that our country ever had, took place in Philadelphia from May 14th, to September 17th, 1787. It was intended to revise the “Articles of Confederation”, but ended up creating a new government, rather than fixing the existing one. The United States Constitution was born.

According to Article 5 of our Constitution, we would need of two-thirds of states in order to call a constitutional convention, 34 states: that is. Politically speaking: it would be an uphill battle, however, with the same sneak attack used by Chavez, Joe Biden (or Kamala Harris, once president of the United States) could overcome that “minor” inconvenience by simply appealing to the mob and the claim he/she is doing it on behalf of the people.

Here is where the “Original Power” will come in, as it has done in all those countries in Latin America which have fallen to the claws of what we now know as “XXI Century’s Socialism”: Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, and more contries to fallow: like Chile and Argentina?

When we start hearing that term, “Original Power” (also known as “Native Power” or “Original Constitutive Power”), we should know what is coming.

Alejandro Pena, a Venezuelan freedom fighter, went to Honduras and warned the Honduran people about the “Original Power” line. The minute that then-Honduras’ President Manuel Zelaya mentioned those two words; he got kicked out of the country in his pajamas by a group of patriot generals, saving Honduras – for the time being – from the XXI Century’s Socialism nightmare.

Of course, Biden-Harris will do it “right”. They will “not need” the approval of 34 states of the Union. They could, very well (with the right political atmosphere and all kinds of crisis), call out a referendum and propose the “participation” of the whole nation, something that our Founding Fathers didn’t do. With the help of co-suckers, the media and the electronic voting machines, winning that referendum would be as easy as peeling tangerines with long finger nails.

After the BRAND-NEW constitution is written, Biden-Harris could call out another referendum for “we the people” to approve it, something that our Founding Fathers didn’t do either. At the end, Biden-Harris would make us believe that our Founding Fathers were fascists; we already know many Americans think they were; of course, another round with the infamous electronic voting machines and that will be it. We would all vote WITHOUT CONDITIONS and once we “lose”, the new Constitution would be legitimized! It would be over; all our military members and politicians would be sworn to the new Constitution… and that would be the end or our story as a free nation.

By the way, those oath keepers who are now defending the “1787 Constitution of the United States of America” would have to defend the new and approved (by we the people) “Socialist Constitution of The Newstates of America”. We could be living in a very different tyrannical country… and VERY SOON; one that resembles the desperate type of new “XXI Century Constitutional Socialistic Nation”.

In 2012, when Obama stated to mention that we needed a new constituction, there was an ex-sheriff from Arizona who was running around the country “selling” the constitutional line. He preaches to the choir in every city or town he went to, telling people how great our Constitution is. He never mention which constitution is the greatest one, since he fails to mention the “1787 Constitution”, the one we still (for the time being) have today… when this booklet was written.

Every American knows, or should know, that ours (the “1787 Constitution”) is the greatest; nobody has to tell us that. What this ex-sheriff told his audience was what we would have to do if they change the “1787 Constitution of the United States of America” for the “Socialist Constitution of the Newstates of America”. Will we keep our oath to the new constitution? If the majority of the American voters “approve” it, everyone would have to, otherwise we would become “unconstitutional” and therefore we would become “outlaws” and “traitors”.

This ex-sheriff, who wanted to run for Congress in 2012 (and who wanted to ban our Federal Government for good), was raising $ 200.000, from town to town, to take 200 “constitutional” sheriffs all around the country for a one-day convention in Las Vegas, where they would have design the strategy in order to defend our constitution and “we the people”. It was not clear if during those 24 hours in Las Vegas, those sheriffs would have come up with a plan in case Obama, then, was able to change our “1787 Constitution” and comes up with the new one.  We never heard from him again.

According to him, 200 sheriffs would have done “the trick” to protect the “constitution”. Of course, he was referring to the “1787 Constitution”. When I asked him in front of over 100 people what would happen if Obama managed to change our (1787) Constitution and the new one was “approved” by the majority of the American voters (with the help of electronic machines and the “cosuckers”)… and if his 200 “constitutional” sheriffs could not help us then as the “ultimate line of defense” (how he called it), he replied: “In that case, we will all have to move to Costa Rica”. Of course, we know that there will NOT be enough room for those 200 sheriffs and for us in that beautiful and little Central American country of only 19,653 sq miles which was already over populated with 4,600,000 inhabitants. The lady next to me exclaimed: “Oh my God…!

This incident forces me to point out another of our main problems: placing our faith in Don Quixotes.

Destroying the National Dignity

By the time we could all be traveling half way on the road to Communism, which could be pretty soon, our nation’s dignity will worth less than a Cuban peso: which means nothing!

I would have thought that American people were more eager to defend our sovereignty and our dignity, but I was totally wrong. As we have found through the 2020 elections, half of the American citizens are either socialists: or ignorants!

Take, for instance, the announcement made then by President Obama regarding the creation of a national civilian militia, under his strict command: “we cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objective that we have set. We have to have a civilian national security force (a militia that is), just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded…

Now, why in the world Obama thought then that we needed a civilian force similar to our military force? Was he expecting a civilian uprising or a military coup d’état? By saying so, he stepped on the dignity of our Armed Forces… and nothing happened! It was not by coincidence that Hugo Chávez, in Venezuela, threatened the Venezuelan people with a similar announcement: “The popular militia is going to have its own vehicles, armaments, barracks and its own organization.”  Nothing happened in Venezuela either.

One of Fidel Castro’s main strategies was having two “armies”: the regular revolutionary army and the Interior Ministry’s army, commanded by his brother Raúl. They were both equal in power. One “army” would watch the other and BOTH would watch the people.

Daniel Ortega, in Nicaragua, has two “armies”, the “Sandinista Army” and the “Managua Police”, equal in power. Maybe it is just a coincidence.

What is not a coincidence is the violation of our sovereignty when Chávez introduced his electronic voting machines to “administrate” elections in over 16 states of the USA, and Washington DC. Some Congressional representatives made some noise about it… but only to keep their “profile”.

It looks that, by then, that nobody had the intention to do anything about it. The Obama’s militia was created and the electronic voting machines kept on doing their work in every American election.

With Chávez dead, Maduro became the brainmaster of the new invasion to the Unites States. Smartmatic, a Venezuelan company, pulled the strings through Dominion and the rest became history.  It didn’t take an army or military force for a miserable country like Venezuela to win over our country.  It took some electronic voting machines and a very well designed software.  ¡That was all!

Our Electoral System

Our electoral system and procedures are designed to rig elections; there shouldn’t be doubts about it. We only have to evaluate Gerrymandering to arrive to that final conclusion.

By the way, if you check an extraordinary video entitled “The Legal Way to Rig an Election: Filmmaker Bill Mundell on Gerrymandering”, published in YouTube, you will find that it hasn’t been watched over 20,000 times. It is a very important material which every American should watch (especially young people), since it is a topic that affects us and our democracy directly. On the contrary, if you check “Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance”, you will be surprised to learn that it has been watched over 1,288,582,154 times!

If all those young people who adore Lady Gaga want to keep on watching her, they better join the fight against Communism; because once it is finally planted in our country, Lady Gaga will be the first one to be sent to a concentration camp under the Vagrancy Act!

How can we control our elections and who votes in them when there are no IDs to identify the voters?

That is crazy! Anyone can register to vote in all 50 states of the Union. There is no certainty on how many voters exist in the United States of America. The reason why ACORN registers inexistence voters, like Donald Duck, Ronald McDonald ( and the whole Dallas Cowboys football team, just like Chávez did in Venezuela with Superman, Batman, Robin, etc: is to inflate the number of “voters” in our country, so that they can play with the numbers and prevent having more votes than voters.  In our 2020 elections, for example, we heard that in the state of Wisconsin voted more voters than registered.

Voting by mail is a perfect way to rig an election. Who controls and checks those votes? How do we know the vote intentions of those millions of voters and “non-existing-voters” who vote ahead of time? No wonder some states prohibit the presence of observers in our “early” elections.

Absentee ballots are another way to rig elections without too much effort and technology. It is just crazy! There you have people voting “on behalf” of our military men and women serving overseas: and even on behalf of homeless!

Since the common denominator of our “elections” is impunity, things have been getting pretty wild. ACORN was a very good example of how wild can we get. In 2012, we just had to take a look at some of those hundreds… or even thousands of ACORN’s registrations to figure that out.

None of those irregularities, however, could be possible without the help of “co-suckers” from both parties.

In 2012 I gave a number of conferences, throughout 48 states, denouncing the irregularities of the U.S. electoral system.

However, with the introduction of electronic voting machines, the sky became the limit in the business of electoral fraud and rigging elections in our country. Just to mention the most outrageous technology, there we had an e-voting machine designed by Sequoia (by Chávez’ technicians), with a yellow button that issues an electronic vote every time you push it. In our 2020 elections, they just changed the color or the buttom: from yellow to green. How wild can you get!

The Republican Party was the first to introduce the electronic machines in our presidential elections back in 2000, during the race George W. Bush vs. Al Gore. They were only used in the state of Florida, where Gore managed to obtain over 15,000 negative votes: and nothing happened!

In 2004, George W. Bush vs. John Kerry, the “machines” went national and they helped that election to make history as the most fraudulent election, then: in the United States of America. There were no doubts about it: John Kerry won the election; however… the Democratic Party did nothing about it. Democrats – including Kerry – didn’t care to fight back, admitting and legitimizing the fraud from the very beginning. Why?

When democrat Bob Hagan, then-senator from Mahoning County, Ohio, called John Kerry’s campaign headquarters to promote an investigation after the 2004 “election”, he was told to leave it at that. The Democratic Party was not willing to investigate a thing. Why?

Not even the main stream media was interested on the subject. You would think that because the main stream media is composed of liberals, there would have been a big outcry and an investigation by them because the evidence shows that the Republican Party manipulated the election, but everybody kept total silence. Why?

Republicans were the masters of the e-voting machines from 2000 to 2004, but that didn’t stop democrats from catching up and in 2005 they asked Mr. Chávez to send his “little machines” in order to make the difference in an election in Chicago.

From there on, frauds would come from both parties and it was a matter of who had more technology. Voters intentions didn’t matter at all and the “general public” thought they were making their votes count. Election fraud became institutionalized and without clean elections, we seized to be a democratic nation, since the only participation of “we the people” in a democratic-constitutional republic is by issuing our votes. We were voting, alright: but we were not electing at all! Both, Republicans and Democrats said: “what’s equal is not cheating

However, when the results were between Republicans and Democrats, the situation was not critical. They would arrange the electoral map among themselves, in total “co-suckerism”: “today is me, tomorrow will be you” and everything was kept within the family. But when the results are between Republicans and Communism: a different ball game is played.  By the way, not every Democrat are communists, but every communist are Democrats.

Our national political crisis started, officially, when electoral fraud became an institution in the United States of America. Corruption was the name of the game and with corruption came social and economic crisis. John Locke, the Father of Liberalism, back in the Age of Enlightenment, would be delighted today. Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, Father of Economic Liberalism, didn’t know the exact meaning of his phrase, “Laisser faire; laisser passer” when he pronounced it back in the Eighteenth Century. Starting the Twenty-first Century, anything went: politically, economically and socially! How much more can a liberal ask or hope for?

With this type of “liberalism”, the objective conditions were established in the United States of America in order for the right populist-communist leader to step in and take over.

The real bad news is that we Americans may not understand this new scenario until it would be too late. We will keep on voting WITHOUT the right conditions and they will keep on screwing us over and over again. It is too hard for us to understand and to accept this crude reality.

When the Cubans warned the Venezuelan about becoming a communist country, the Venezuelan replied: “Venezuela is not Cuba…!”  Pretty soon we will hear Americans reply to Venezuelan and Cubans: “The United States of America is neither Venezuela nor Cuba!”  By the time they will find out: it would be too late!

In order to prevent electoral fraud we would have to stand firm and force “our” leaders to change the whole electoral system, and that will be harder than killing a hypo by hitting it with a feather pillow.

Since the only game we know is baseball, we will try to make some “arrangements” by writing to “our” representatives and that would be like asking wolfs to look after our lambs. That procedure of writing to “our” representatives was part of the old baseball rules. Now we are playing cricket and the new rules are found in a civic non-violent resistant strategy… something totally unknown to us Americans. We, by the way, must not confuse non-violence with pacifism. Pacifism is a way of life; non-violence is a fighting strategy. We would have to do too much reading and change our “living style” before we begin to understand the beginning. By the time we get a rough idea: it could be far too late.

Once we all understand that through elections WITHOUT the right conditions we will get nowhere, and that “our” representatives are not going to move one finger on our behalf… which could take us years to realize, we would want to do something about it; by then, the new regime will have total and absolute control of our nation.

Take, for instance, “Attack Watch”. The regime will know, pretty soon, “who is who in America”. Even our children will tell on us, and that is NOT a “conspiracy theory” at all. Chávez promised to install “Attack Watch” chapters all around the world and he started in the United States of America with the “green light”, back then, of our Federal Government, officially violating our constitutional rights to privacy. Chavez managed to watch over the Venezuelans living in the United States, but his infrastructure will be just perfect when the time comes for Biden-Harris to watch over American citizens.

By the time we decide to do something about it, if that time ever comes, we will all be surrounded! With the help of a new constitution, Biden-Harris and Obama’s civil militia: we would all be history!

It will not take much, by the way. On December 4th, 2002, Chávez ordered his regular army to take over the Metropolitan Police in the capital city of Venezuela, Caracas, where over 1,000 policemen were held prisoners for helping civilians to demonstrate peacefully and with the proper authorization from the central government. When Caracas general mayor – Alfredo Pena – tried to enter the Metropolitan Police’s headquarters he was not allowed, violating the Venezuelan Constitution and the legal right of Mayor Pena to visit his policemen.  Now, in the US, we are facing the total destruction of the police institution as we know it.  Defounding the police seems to be in style… at least before the 2020 “election”.

Soon after that unconstitutional incidence, which occurred “live” in front of the Venezuelan TV cameras, Pena was forced to leave the country. He ended up in the United States where he was given political asylum and the three Metropolitan Police’ commissars (“sheriffs”) were sentenced to 30 years in prison. Venezuelans understood the message right away. Coincidently, that same year (2002), dozens of high-ranked military officials – most of them division generals – asked for political asylum in Costa Rica, the same country where our “constitutional” sheriffs will move to when they decide that it is impossible to hold that last “line of defense”.

The Negative Factors

We have been raised to believe that we live in the most powerful nation of the world; that our country cannot go down the toilet… that this is God’s country and we have American exceptionalism. We may be forced, pretty soon, to rearrange our way of thinking before we can start focusing on the right subject and that is a huge task that we, as a society, will not be able to do in an eye blink. It may take a lot of time before we come down to Earth.

As the situation worsens, we will start looking for signs of hope anywhere. We will try to put pessimism aside. That is the reason why an ex-sheriff from Arizona was able to travel around the country, rising $ 200,000 for 200 “constitutional” sheriffs to have a one-day vacation in Las Vegas, and people responded to him.

The “Law of Less Effort” will do its part. There is no-way at that point that we would be able to stand like a rock for our principles without a social civil nonviolent uprising; not in front of this new “domestic” enemy, but if “our” leaders (the co-suckers) tell us that we will change this mess by pushing a button of an e-voting machine after standing in line for an hour or two: we would certainly try.

The electoral way is a very tricky one. If we do NOT vote, the enemy will wing easily, without having to rig any presidential election. If we all vote WITHOUT CONDITIONS, the enemy would rig the election. People would vote, with or without the right conditions, for it is too hard to accept a non-voting strategy and let the enemy win while he is eating a piece of cake. The right thing to do would be what the Chilean opposition did before the July 24th, 1978 plebiscite: they didn’t play Pinochet’s game until they have assured the right conditions to participate in that National Consultation which took the Chilean dictator (Augusto Pinochet) out of power. In order to emulate the Chileans against General Pinochet, we would have to be united in one bloc… and that seems to be impossible; so we would vote WITHOUT the right conditions and we will “lose”; then the “co-suckers”, the media, the political analysts and commentators will explain to us why we lost… there will be all kind of explanations.

The resistance strategy takes time and a lot of effort. It is not hard to organize, but it is almost impossible to implement under our national scenario. We are too busy running our lives. We have to keep our jobs and our homes. We have no time to fight the right way. So we would “find” different ways to keep our country as we know it or, in the worst scenario: get our country back. One of those ways many would believe: is through God Almighty. The problem is that God doesn’t seem to interfere with us gentile political problems.

On the 4th of November, 2011, during the installation of the Florida Tea Party Convention in Daytona Beach, Florida, a very beloved lady stood up and gave us a speech. She told us that we would have to do “something”. She admitted that she didn’t know what… but assured us that we would have to do “something”. Then she turned to God.

We know, or believe, that “God helps those who help themselves”. On the other hand, maybe God isn’t too happy with us, after all. He has seen how we haven’t stood up for our unborn children waiting in line for abortions, for example. We are letting millions of children be killed by abortions with our own tax dollars; we have allowed our living children to be brainwashed by communist propaganda and secular humanism, distancing them from the Living God and much more.

If you ask me, I would tell you that I don’t believe God takes parts in our political affairs… us, being gentiles, as I just said. He sure is not listening to our prayers. In any event, it is impossible to understand Him and anything we might be thinking about the Almighty: could be subjective. To be sure, we would have to help ourselves before we ask God for help; however, we should be prepared to receive from Him the same help we have been giving to our unborn children waiting for an abortion: nothing! What I can recommend to my fellow Americans is to pray to our Lord for strength, since we will need all the psychological and spiritual help we can get in order to stand what could be coming to us.

Before this nightmare is over… if we ever get to see the end of it in our life time, we will know the exact meaning of the word “deceit”.  Deceit is another negative factor that we are confronting right now. We could be listening to “our” leaders about how we can check and balance e-voting machines with the “scientific” help of exit polls.

We could keep on “preaching to the choir” forever. On top of the fact that we Americans are allergic to reading, our friends could keep on sending us “defensive emails” telling us about the terrible things our Federal Government could be doing in a very near future. Just imagine how you would feel if you got dozens of emails telling us of every new diseases discovered by science and how terrible they are.  Not going any further: Covid 19. Nobody has to tell us how terrible cancer is. We all know that. What we should want to know is how to prevent cancer and how to cure it and if we have a chance to survive the “Chinese virus”. Would you pay a dime to go and listen to a doctor’s conference about how terrible cancer is without ever listening from him (or her) about how to prevent it and about how to cure it?

To every Tea Party conference I have gone in 2012, all I have listened is how “bad cancer is”. Then, nobody told me how to prevent it and to cure it… and at the end of the conference, every speaker will ask us for a donation. Our friend, the ex-sheriff from Arizona was hoping for $ 200,000, but – at least – he told us that he, along with his 200 “constitutional” sheriffs, would have beat our “cancer”. Whether we believed that or not: it’s up to us!

Then you could be distracted by the “things” that our Federal Government can and cannot do, according to our (1787) Constitution. What “they” could do and what “they” could not do or might do are two different “things”. There is this joke about a Chinese who came to America and started to relieve him, urinating, right in a Washington DC downtown street and here came a policeman and told him: “Hey mister, you can’t do that here!” The Chinese replied: “And how can I?” He was NOT supposed to, but he did it…!!!

The first part of the conference given by our good friend, the ex-sheriff from Arizona, had to do with all the “things” that Federal Government could NOT do. People went crazy, and clapped like children. For example, he told us that if the Federal Government (or the civilian militia?) comes to our states with the presidential – discretional – order to take over the sheriff office, he would just tell the “feds” something like this: “no, thanks, you are not taking my office and you are not telling me what to do since I don’t work for you… go back to Washington, where you belong!” Oh boy, people went nuts! They applauded the ex-sheriff from Arizona for almost a minute! “This is the man we need to save us from Communism!” No doubt the ex-sheriff from Arizona has his heart in the right place, but he knows little about Communism and about communists, or how to play cricket. It isn’t that this sheriff hasn’t seen the “movie” yet… he hasn’t even seen the trailers! Pull that line in Venezuela… or in the United States in a “socialist” regime, and he might wake up with his mouth full of flies!

Giving too much importance to our (1787) Constitution is sharpening the machete with which they would cut our throat. It is true, our (1787) Constitution is great and all that… but what if Biden-Harris manages to give us a new constitution? The constitution that is good for the bull is good for the cow. The second part of Super Ex-Sheriff from Arizona’s conference had to do with our (1787) Constitution and how his 200 “constitutional” sheriffs were willing to defend it with their lives, if necessary. Just wait until the “Newstates of America’s socialist constitution” comes out to see what those “constitutional” sheriffs would do. We now have a pretty good idea of what they might try to do: run to Costa Rica!

The third and final part of Mr. Sheriff’s conference had to do with his need to raise $ 200,000 for the “One-Day Convention” in wild Las Vegas. The international communist movement have been planning the take over the United States of America – and the whole world – for over one hundred years now… and 200 “constitutional” sheriffs, in the middle of Las Vegas, said they would have come up with the antidote in 24 hours! Let me tell you, this ex-sheriff from Arizona was then the only “leader” that I have seen so far, with a “pro-active” speech, even if it was worthless. The rest were just talk about writing to “our” representatives in Congress.

Of course, there were people – in 2012 –  who understood that we were confronting Communism but some still did not know and furthermore, that some still believee that we had a real chance of “voting” it out of office, but do we really had a chance? They thought that Obama as a “progressive” president was nothing else but a great negative factor. Those people could end up as disappointed as the Cubans, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans and, among others, the Bolivians.  Obama did a lot of damage to our country by infiltrating his people in the Defense Department, the Department of State: and even the White House! Moreover, he enacted a law of immobility which preventing his people from being fired from those important institutions, which prevented Donald Trump from cleaning up his administration of those undesirable agents, as part as what he called “The Swamp”.

We will find too many Americans who would say that as long as they don’t mess with the “feds”, they will be OK. Those are the people who truly believe that birds can get pregnant and that Santa brings every child a present on Christmas Eve.

The good news is that we could  have a “consolation price”. We could see all those “liberals” bite the dirt when the real emotion starts. Nobody today, whether they are true communist or just plain liberal or “progressive”, is prepared mentally and physically to live in a communist country. It will take a couple of generations to create that “new citizen”. By then we will all be 10 feet below the ground or flying with our ashes away. I will just love to see how Bill Maher will manage when the real fun begins.

If and when this country turns fully communist, Sean Penn, Robert de Niro, and many others like them would not anymore own their beautiful mansions in Beverly Hills or elsewhere within the Socialist Territory of The Newstates of America: neither would all of us! We would all be equally proletarians, including Steven Spielberg, Danny Glover, Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand, Billy Crystal, Brad Pitt, Bruce Springsteen, Candice Bergen, Carole King, Cher, Chevy Chase, Demi Moore, Dennis Weaver, Diana Ross, Dustin Hoffman, Ed Asner, Gene Wilder, George Lucas, George Peppard, Harrison Ford, Jack Nicholson, James Caan, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta, Kevin Costner, Leonardo Di Caprio, Madonna, Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith, Meryl Streep, Michael Bolton, Michael Douglas, Michael J. Fox, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Natalie Cole, Nicole Kidman, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Gere, Robert Redford, Robert Vaughn, Sharon Stone, Shirley MacLaine, Stevie Wonder, Ted Turner, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Tommy Lee Jones, Warren Beatty, Whoopi Goldberg, Willie Nelson and Woody Allen among many, many others useful idiots.

Take, for instance, John Travolta, who flies his own 707, or Oprah Winfrey who is said to be the richest woman in the United States. They both would have to get used to be proletarians. In fact, their minds are not fixed to become members of the party, so they will be disposed as condoms are, once used.

What happens is that all of those celebrities mentioned above, and millions and millions of sirens songs’ listeners all around the still-free world, believe that in their country, Communism would be different. I can write a much-larger list of Cuban celebrities that started out supporting the Cuban revolution and left the island, years later, seeking the life that they have left behind before the revolution: including the ones who died of all ages, remembering the good old times… singing: “show me the way to go home. I’m tired and I want to go to bed. I had a little drink about an hour ago, and it went right into my head!

Not only many celebrities in Hollywood and New York embrace the communist ideas and ideals: there are bankers, too… and billionaires! Maybe those bankers have not heard about the Communist Manifesto; the part about how all credits has to be centralized in the hands of the Central Government. Of course, those bankers think that they would be part of the economic rulers of that new system, but they are completely wrong. Eventually, all banks will be in the hands of the Central Government: including their clients!

There are many industrialists playing with liberal and progressive stuff… many of them! Again, they missed that part in the Manifesto where it says that “the extension of factories and instruments of production will be owned by the Central Government”, and that is exactly what communists mean! That is not propaganda. Anyone in the free world can get on the Internet, download the Communist Manifesto and read it. Of course, once again, they think that those rules were meant for the nineteenth century’s population, but they are completely wrong. Since the time of Mark and Engels, Communism has worsened. Marx was an angel compared to Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro… Milošević and others: an angel!

The Manifesto says that all “wasted land” should be cultivated. That sound good, especially in a world polluted with hunger. The problem is that in the name of “cultivation”, much damage has been done; for example, farms belonging to the opposition citizens were taken by Chavez’ regime in Venezuela because they were considered by him as “wasted land”, while they were “resting lands”. They were resting for later cultivation; the same happened in Castro’s Cuba. The big problem is, though, that those confiscated lands were not cultivated, they became true “wasted land”, full of miserable people’s shacks. Those lands were planted with misery to cultivate the minds of those who were using them in an unconstitutional manner.

If you study the so-called “Agenda 21”, you will find a similarity there with one of the Manifesto’s postulates: the gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of the population over the country. In Cuba, for example, people even need some kind of visa to move from one city to another, within the same island! Communists not only enforce the redistribution of wealth, they apply the redistribution of people as well. That means that Oprah wouldn’t be able to buy a house in Florida and move there freely; number one, because there would not be the figure of private property… and number two, because she would not have permission to move elsewhere.

How about that? The Manifesto contemplates the free education for all children. In reality, that goes even further. What it means is the prohibition of private schools, on one hand… and the systematic indoctrination of children, on the other. Oprah’s grand nieces and nephews would go to a school in which they would learn that rich people are demonic. Of course, Oprah would not be rich by then.

On the other hand, children are educated, but they don’t have the liberty to read whatever they want. For instance, the famous American book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the anti-slavery novel written in 1852 by Harriet Beecher Stowe, is prohibited in Cuba because it’s considered subversive reading. According to Will Kaufman, this book helped lay the groundwork for the American Civil War (1861-1865), which led, among other factors: to the end of slavery. One of the class struggles mentioned by the Communist Manifesto was the one between freemen and slaves. Communists say to be against slavery, however, they make sure that the people under their discipline don’t get any wild ideas about freedom. Another document prohibited in Cuba is the American Declaration of Independence, adopted by the Continental Congress on the 4th of July, 1776.

To completely blow the top of your brains, we find Christian priests and preachers, enchanted by the communist ideology on the ground of equality. There you’ll find Rev. Jesse Jackson in love with Castro and his revolution, after Castro killing more than 70.000 Cubans.

Rev. Jim Wallis, one of the spiritual advisors (one of them) to President Obama and also the president’s good friend, Jeremiah Wright, the same preacher who asked God to condemn America were, at least in 2012: both communists.

Rev. Wallis described himself as a progressive evangelical and his primary support comes from the religious left. He is also known for his brutal opposition to the religious rights’ fiscal and foreign policies. The happiest day in Rev. Wallis’ life, so he said, was when the United States lost the war against Vietnam… but he assured the world that, due to his religious activities: he cannot get involved in politics.

Since Karl Marx, communists have done an extraordinary job infiltrating every sector of our society, including our churches our schools, university and our government.

None of those idiots mentioned above will stand one round when real Communism takes over our beloved nation: none of them, including our journalist and media owners.

Miguel Angel Quevedo, the editor of Bohemia magazine, one of Cuba’s most important publications which help Castro reach power, blew his head off in his Caracas’ exile. He left a historic suicide letter which all American journalists should read:

Gays and liberals will also have a ball! In the progressive political arena, the term diversity (or diverse) is used to describe political entities (neighborhoods, student bodies, etc.) with members who have identifiable differences in their backgrounds or lifestyles. For example, differences in racial or ethnic classifications, age, gender, religion, beliefs, political ideologies, philosophy, physical and intellectual abilities, cultural and socioeconomic background, sexual orientation or tastes, gender identity, intelligence, mental health, physical health, genetic attributes, behavior, attractiveness, among other identifying features.

Progressive political creed supports the idea that diversity is valuable and desirable. Progressives promote these diverse cultures between people of different backgrounds and lifestyles, claiming that this will lead to greater knowledge, understanding, and peaceful coexistence. For example, “Respect for Diversity” is one of the six principles of the Global Greens Charter, a manifesto subscribed by Green parties from all over the world.

In striking contrast to diversity mantra, the conservative political creed promotes individual freedom of thoughts and ideas or expression but with cultural assimilation to the Western, civilized society based on private property and individual labor as the process to lead to the greatest amount of choice for an individual in his personal life. This process protects the smallest most diverse minority of all, the individual himself.

Western culture, although imperfect has proven to be the freest of all other systems based on historical practice, and YET every progressive movement has made this diversity a point of honor. But, is it really about honor or simply a tool for the Marxist revolution? The big problem is that when communists gain power, they send “diversity” to the garbage can. With the exception of the ruling class, every citizen in a communist society must be equally miserable and will ultimately be forced to assimilate to the communist system. If you dress a little modernly, you might be called a “little bourgeois”, and – therefore – a possible threat to the regime, maybe even a “counter-revolutionary”. Homosexuality is considered an improper behavior. Incidentally, “Improper Behavior” is the title of a magnificent and very world-wide famous documentary about how Castro stepped miserably on this creed of diversity.

After Castro was safely in power, he passed a law called “The Ideological Diversity Law”. Through it, his regime could sentence any Cuban who thinks differently from communists. “What ever happened to diversity?” the Cuban intellectuals asked Castro. The answer was revealed in that new law. Diversity was only a tool to help Castro get in power; it became a burden to maintaining power.

Multiculturalism, moral relativism, and cultural relativism, are nothing but “selling leads” used by communists to fool you. We have to understand that NOT all cultures are the same and NOT all cultures are as free and fair as the Western culture. We must take the time to learn from the millions of people throughout the world that have been deceived by the tactic of promoting the failed concept and Marxist weapon known as “diversity”. Recently German Chancellor Angela Merkel was quoted as saying, “Multiculturalism has failed.” And British prime minister, David Cameron said that, “State multiculturalism has failed.” After years of promoting diversity in Europe, isn’t the evidence clear?

If you are a writer, an intellectual, gay, an actor, a singer, a lesbian… you should have thought twice about this progressive smoke and mirror tactic that they sold us here in America because it’s a big scam, nothing but a miserable lie, a lie we may never recover from!

Perhaps, our biggest “consolation price” will come from members of the big unions here in America.

Up to now, union members in the United States of America should have considered themselves lucky fellows. What will happen to unions once communists really take over? Unions in communist countries are prohibited. The first thing they do in a communist country is to ban unions for good. Not only that: according to the Cuban constitution, for example, Article 45 of the 2002 Constitution, “non-paid, voluntary work carried out for the benefit of all society in industrial, agricultural, technical, artistic and 43 service activities is recognized as playing an important role in the formation of our people’s communist awareness.”

Did that say non-paid? Yes! I bet that most of union members didn’t know that. Of course, the Cuban ruling-class members (less than 1% of the total population) and their relatives are exempted from mandatory “voluntary” work, like hand-harvesting sugar cane under the hot Cuban sun. If you think it is hot during the summer time in your hometown here in America, just imagine how hot it is in Cuba! Harvesting sugar cane under the Cuban sun, at 110 degree temperature, is not fun at all… not to mention other tasks appointed by Castro. Slavery is a “constitutional right” under the Cuban Communist Constitution. Of course, you would not know that until it is too late, but thanks to the Internet… now we all know, don’t we? Shouldn’t we?

The good news is that we won’t have to worry about our jobs and losing our homes then. We will have all the time in the world to read all “defensive mails” that we will receive. The bad news is that most of us will NOT have access to the Internet.

Then we have the stubborn insistency on fighting different wars at the same time. Battle fronts like, Islamofacism, , Agenda 21, unfair taxes, educational deficiency, economic crisis, federal government, IRS, depopulation, corruption, Wall Street idiots, etc. Those are all “important peripheral topics”. All they did was distract us from the “real war”, the war against Communism!

The Islamofacist threat is real and very frightening, but once Communism takes over, we will not be able to do anything about it, especially when the dictator, in addition to being a communist, is a promoter of Islam or worse: a follower of Islam. Europe’s demographics war against the Muslims is raging, all as a result of Marxist policies, including multicultural policies invented by Communism and using the trick of “diversity” to implement it. We will pay the same price for abandoning our God, failing to stand up for our Western culture and our nation.

As far as Agenda 21 goes, well it is – I am afraid – part of the communist agenda since – at least – the middle of the Twentieth Century. Let’s look at it as a Communism’s fringe benefit. The only way to prevent Agenda 21 in our country… or to stop it, is by winning the war against

Communism. Since we Americans despise reading, and gave far too much trust and power to corrupt politicians, we didn’t learn about Agenda 21 until it was just too late, but President Bush (the first) approved it on our behalf in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992 – 19 years ago! – at the United Nation Conference on Environment and Development. It’s been there all along, but we were too busy doing our “things” to even care to learn about it; just like we were doing our “things” while communists were working hard to take over our nation. Now, many of us are bothering the Lord, begging Him for help.

Of course, all of our professional politicians – democrats and republicans – are to blame along the way, since it is their job to warn their voters against all dangers. It is to those politicians that we now want to write in order to prevent the “agenda” and every other hidden agenda that we do not know of as of today.

So we keep on getting mails and mails about “depopulation” and how – somehow – “they” will get rid of 2/3 of the world’s population. According to Bill Gates, it is through vaccines that we will depopulate our world, some way or another, giving an explanation that to many of us it is too complicated and too hard to understand:

Ted Turner is also trying to explain to us how we can save the world by depopulating Planet Earth… of course, he is against nuclear weapons:

We will all see how easy it is for communists to get rid of us. Read a little about Castro and Pol Pot and you will be able to guess roughly how bad it can get.

The good news is that we, finally, will get rid of the federal government, since there will only be ONE government. There will not be any distinction between state and federal government anymore. No more income taxes, that will also be a good news and, of course, we can say goodbye to the IRS forever! You see? Not everything will be bad under a communist regime.

We were not able to explain that in order to win the war against Communism we need to concentrate all of our effort in FOUR major task: 1) prevent a new constitution; 2) point co-suckers out and stop paying attention to all of them; 3) ban all e-voting machines from our elections and 4) fight for a new logical, clean and transparent electoral procedures. Wasting time and effort in any other subject only produced weakness.

Another negative factor that will make us lose the war against Communism is our stubborn insistences in letting others do the fighting for us. People who have many properties to lose don’t seem to be too worried. It is too late now, but they had plenty of time to get together, pitch in their money (they are going to lose it all, anyway) and hire a 47 public relations agency to teach Americans how to resist… how to create resistance groups and all we need to know to win over this new style of Communism called “The XXI Century’s Socialism”, just like if we were in a Presidential campaign, running against Communism. Their donations came after being moved by a snake-enchanter and right after these jokers finish their conferences. They didn’t calculate right. The “libertarian movements”, if any, were full of senior citizens, no youth at all, and most of them collecting social security, Medicare and Medicaid. I didn’t see very many youngsters and not a member of that famous 1% doing something to avoid Communism in our country. Of course, “The 1%” is the owner of the Titanic and members of that “group” will not sink! Give them a couple of years and ask them again. Living all of my life in countries that have fallen to the claws of Communism, I got tired of listening to people claiming: “if only we have known better…!”

Divide and conquer is a classic military tactic. By fighting different “wars” all at the same time, we will not win any of them, for we are not only divided among ourselves, but we are dividing our efforts. Through my conferences, and this booklet, I am warning you from my personal experience, about this classic mistake. Finding an excuse to keep on doing the wrong thing is no longer an option. The time has come to face the fact that we are living in a weak dictatorship and we can come together to resist with the correct education, tools and training, coupled with the dedication required and our prayers to God to seek strength, we can begin the real task of thwarting a Communist takeover in the U. S. A., but I am afraid none of you will listen.

By watching the following video we would probably find the answer to the question why our young kids are absent in every patriotic meeting that takes place in our country… the majority of them are indoctrinated already:


Noticing the American spirit of living and comparing it to the way communists have been working since the beginning of the Twentieth Century to take over Planet Earth, my grandfather came to the conclusion that the world was going to end up being communist and drinking Coca Cola. I am not sure where the Coca Cola will come from, but I have no doubts, today, that the world CAN end up under a communist discipline. The odds are all against the free world. We didn’t pay enough attention. I have been fighting Communism since I was 22 years old… this year I turned 61. My family lost everything we had in Cuba and lost it again 43 years later in Venezuela. The way I figure it, we could be away into Communism by the year 2013 when we will reach the point of no return. I would have enjoyed freedom in the United States of America for 9 years. It is not pessimism: it is realism! Freedom, my fellow Americans (I became an American citizen in October 2011, is expensive. We were not willing to pay its high price… maybe now we will have to get used to live without it. May God bless you all!

Final note: This booklet was meant to be larger, but taking into consideration the general dislike on reading I decided to write as little as possible. If you decide to get deeper into the subject, I suggest you to visit our website, where you will find everything there is to know in order to fight XXI Century’s Socialism the right way.

Robert Alonso Presenta

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