Chapter One



When I first started to write this booklet (in 2012), the vast majority of Americans would not believe that we could lose the United States to the claws of Communism. We were all suffering from the “Titanic Syndrome”, believing that our ship would not sink. Now may Americans know we are sinking.

How did we get to this point? It is not too hard to understand. We have abandoned our principles; we’ve been too busy taking care of ourselves, trying to keep our homes and jobs, getting ahead in the rat race. We’ve aimed at California and the target was in Virginia. We had no idea which enemy we were fighting and above all: we had no clue about the dirty tricks they were playing on us and how to fight back.

Not everybody, though, was so far off. On October 25th 1966, Ezra Taft Benson, member of President Eisenhower’s cabinet as his Secretary of Agriculture in 1956, gave a lecture to the BYU’s students in where he declared what Khrushchev told him, face-to-face when he visited the United States: “Your grandchildren will live under Communism. You Americans won’t accept Communism outright, but we will keep feeding you small doses of Socialism, until you finally wake up finding that you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy, until you fall into our hands.”

What Khrushchev told Mr. Benson, was clear proof of a long-time strategy launched by the Soviets to create the needed objective conditions to take over the United States of America. Khrushchev understood those conditions were not going to be achieved overnight, since he was prognosticating that CHANGE was to take place during Mr. Benson’s grandchildren’s life time, that time is right now!

Mr. Benson was so shocked by Khrushchev’s threats, and by what he, himself, was seeing from the cabinet member’s sight, that he spoke these words to the American people: “I speak to you as a fellow citizen of the United States of America, deeply concerned about the welfare of our beloved country. I am not here to tickle your ears… to entertain you. I will talk to you frankly and honestly. The message I bring is not a happy one, but it is the truth, and time is always on the side of truth. Truth must be repeated again and again, because error is constantly being preached roundabout. I realize that the bearer of bad news is always unpopular. As a people, we always like sweetness and light, especially sweetness. I am sorry to say that all is not well in socalled prosperous, wealthy and powerful America. We have moved a long way, and are now moving further and more rapidly down the total destroying road of Socialism. The evidence is clear, shockingly clear for all to see. But our national prestige at or near an embarrassing all time low, we continue to weaken our domestic economy, by unsound fiscal, economic and foreign aid policy which corrupt our national currency. With crass and unconstitutional usurpation of power by the executive branch of the federal government, anti-spiritual decisions of the Supreme Court, all apparently approved by a weakly submissive rubber stamp Congress, the days ahead are ominously frightening. It is imperative that American citizens become alerted and informed regarding the threats to our welfare, happiness and freedom. No American is worthy of citizenship in this great land who refuses to take an active interest in these important matters. Stand up for 8 freedom no matter what the cost; it can help to save your soul, and maybe your country. May God give us the wisdom to recognize the dangers, the dangers of complexity, the threats to our freedom and the strength to meet this danger complacency courageously.

What Mr. Benson was describing were the creation of the objective conditions that were beginning to take place over 40 years ago, right after WWII. Evidently, few paid much notice. Just look around and see how weak the American economy is today… and how corrupted the United States’ currency has become. Check out how many anti-spiritual decisions have been made by the Supreme Court and ask yourselves if the United States Congress is not a rubber stamp institution, especially with more than 100 of its members openly auto-defined themselves as progressive, which is the same as saying socialist… or communist!

It is true what Mr. Benson declared many years ago: “No American is worth citizenship in this great land that refuses to take an active interest in these important matters”. It is no less important the suggestion he made on how “imperative it is that American citizens become alerted and informed regarding the threats to our welfare happiness and freedom.” But perhaps the most important words he spoke were: “Truth must be repeated again and again.

The objective conditions that Mr. Benson was warning the Americans about so vehemently are the very conditions that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II so conveniently found existing in America when he became the 44th president of the United States. Mr. Benson, however, didn’t expose the whole picture. Today’s conditions are even worse: much, much worse!

Robert Alonso Presenta

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