We are in the process of creating a movement for Hispanic-Americans parents call “Con Mis Hijos No Te Metas” (“Don’t Mess With My Kids) in order to defend the right of our children not to be indoctrinated through the educational system imposed by our states, our federal government, or both.  Our information will be published both: in Spanish and English.

This movement at a national level is being created by individuals affected by the liberal-leftist related to globalism in our American continent, as has been the cases in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. It’s being created by Individuals who know exactly where the system – that is already being implemented – is heading in the United States of America: at an accelerated and unpunished pace!

It is very important that you all know that this movement will never request donations of any kind, beyond the personal collaboration of each of our followers or supporters in terms of the investment on time they will dedicate to our activities, which will be duly informed to through the independent social media.

Nobody has to join, give their names and personal information. We will be communicating openly through our future website; this way we would avoid infiltration, a practice that we fully and absolutely know and understand.

This civic movement is not affiliated to any party, nor have political tendency. Our goal is to preserve the education, morals and ethics that we have learned from our parents throughout the history of the United States of America, so we can pass them on to our children. We are subjected to the current constitution, since we fear that among the globalist plans of the new administration is to draft a new constitution, as has happened in the three aforementioned countries that have served as “essays globes” or experiments in order for the globalist to achievement new and evil society: a “new human being”, as they call it.

Our movement will advance through “tasks” that we will publish periodically. The first of which is to send to our elected officials the letter that we have published below. But that will not be everything. With the experience of failures that we have accumulated throughout the decades of globalist-leftist tyrannies suffered by our countries of origin, we can avoid mistakes and anticipate the events that, with the most absolute certainty, will take place very soon in our new country: the United States of America!

Our First task

Generic Template

Dear (name of who will receive this letter)

I am the parent of a (x) year old student at (name of the school).  I have observed with stupor and very carefully, the modifications made to the education curriculum in our state’s education system.  As a citizen – or legal resident – of this great country, I strongly oppose these changes.

Sexual orientation, in my view, should be carried out by the parents of our children and grandchildren: not by the state.  Because of my moral and/or religious convictions, I do not agree with the so-called “gender ideology“.  I think humans are born female or male (boys or girls), regardless of whether they choose a specific sexual orientation along the way.

The movement called “Black Lives Matter” is a politically inspired organization, without social inspiration and much less educational, so I refuse to have my child indoctrinated under the postulates of this or any other political institution.

Considering that every human being’s life begins at the very moment of conception, I am totally and absolutely against abortion and far less interested that the education department of my state “orients” my child on this very scabrous and conflicting matter.

I believe in the truthfulness of biological science and mathematics; subjects that have nothing to do with racism, as it is already spreading in schools throughout this country.

I don’t believe in the so-called “racial supremacy”: white black or any other.  I don’t see why white citizens have to feel guilty about events that happened centuries ago.  I understand that there are many ways to deal with the old issue of slavery in ways other than how it has been chosen to be carried out by our education department officials.

I don’t have the means to educate my child in our home and I depend on the education of my state’s public schools.  Should I had these means, you can be sure that I would choose to educate my children in my home, according to our moral concepts inherited from our parents and teachers of a nation that was once the light of democracy throughout the globe.

Without further attempt,

(Your signature)

Tucker Carlson Show


Miami, February 26th, 2021


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